• The Tarot Deck

    • The deck is not available for sale online at this time. Although I do sell the Majors decks at conventions, I will not be placing the full decks for sale online until I have completed all the suits.
    • If you would like an email update when the deck becomes available, please fill out this Google form.
  • Commissions?

    • I occasionally take commissions, but am unable to at this time.
    • I calculate the price based on size and complexity.
      Original pieces are negotiated separately. Contact me for an estimate.
  • Tattoos?

    • Tattoos are great, but I will not design them. Though I don't mind people using my work as the basis for any tattoos, I strongly advise against getting my work tattooed as they are. The tiny ink lines drawn so closely together tend not to be amenable to ink on skin, and a tattoo like that would require a bit of upkeep. If you'd like to use my work as the basis of a tattoo, bring it to a tattoo artist whose work you like, and they will work with you to get an image you like and manageable to tattoo.